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Avici Addicted to You

Avicii has taken over the music world with his singles, "Hey Brother" and "Wake Me Up." Now the Swedish DJ has take over the charts with another single, "Addicted To You." The music video has just been released.

The video was shot and produced in a Bonnie & Clyde style and features two women on the run from crime and enjoying life,enjoy!

Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha

Given the success of Avicii's EDM-country crossover hit 'Wake Me Up!' (and now 'Hey Brother'), it was only a matter of time before others had a crack at the Frankensteinian genre. Unsurprisingly, the first up is Pitbull, who recently admitted he was hoping to get Rihanna to guest on the track but explained that she was too busy do it. And if that's what he wants to believe so be it.

He may have eventually settled on teaming up with Ke$ha instead, but truth be told, we can't think of anyone better suited for it. "It's going down, I'm yelling timber," she sings over a slew of harmonicas, handclaps and head-spinning skits from the Cuban rapper himself. "One more shot, another round/ End of the night it's going down" they continue over a pulsing line dance riff, the result both wonderfully trashy and shamelessly addictive.

Martin Garrix - Animals

Already taking off in mainland Europe, including a #1 in Flanders (Belguim), "Animals" is a dark, atmospheric song with its pounding beats and deep bass pumping through your body on the dancefloor. It's not the most instant of songs but with repeated listens the song slowly unravels its uniqueness.

"Animal" was released to UK iTunes and got very close to the Top 40 before being removed. Clearly there is a demand for the track which is looking quite likely to be a massive hit once it gets a full UK release.

Justin Bieber Punks The World!

It seems that clever little Justin Bieber punked the whole world when he released a statement claiming that his laptop had been stolen from his manager’s trailer at a recent gig.

It actually turns out that he was crying wolf in an ingenious attempt to promote his new video, “Beauty And The Beat” Feat Nicki Minaj!

The teen mega star tweeted: “Since i was 14 i have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to taking hormones, to dying again, to stuff about my family ... to saying i had a baby with a woman i never even met. nude pics, drugs, my family, my character ... but today ... today i get to be in on it ... so to all of you ... enjoy. let’s go for the 10 million mark!”

Many fans and media moguls have criticised Bieber for tricking his fans into viewing the clip on YouTube and in turn purchasing his new single… personally I think, what a clever wee lad… naturally the stunt would have been conjured up my his massive PR machine which seems to have worked clocking up a huge 65 Million hits on YouTube

Check out the video below

One Direction: On the right direction!

The two words that are on everyone’s lips at present are unsurprisingly, One Direction. In just under two years they have become a global success story and a No.1 household name. Having crossed the pond recently and smashed several music records, combined with grabbing a number of lucrative music award gongs, this handful of scamps are here to stay!

Their latest chart offering “Live While We´re Young¨ has become an instant hit across the globe. It’s an inoffensive, catchy and all-round addictive number, showing the boys in their true teen spirit, blundering around a field and a lake with an assortment of amusing activities taking place, which actually makes the video very appealing to all.

To be totally honest, it makes me green with envy that I am not one of the lucky boys, touring the country, being adored by the world and also… according to sources, raking in over 100 Million pounds since their X Factor defeat!

Simon Cowell must very smug at this time!


In other One Direction news, band heartthrob Harry Styles has reportedly broken country superstar Taylor Swift´s heart. After meeting on touring they hit it off immediately, however after snaps of Mr Styles smooching with an Aussie model were splashed all over the web, Taylor has very wisely moved on and up!

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