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Radio Advertising – The Results will Astound You.

If you want your business to grab the attention of millions of consumers, consider this: radio is one of the hottest mediums available. Much more than that, it is extremely cost effective and will deliver great returns on your investment.
Radio spots generally require a smaller budget than advertisements placed in newspapers and magazines. In addition, your radio ads can give larger competitors’ ads a real run for their money, since there is no cost of competing visually with them, such as with television ads.

Furthermore, radio guarantees to add an exciting new dimension to your advertising efforts and your company’s image, and can be used in support of other promotional efforts, such a press or television campaigns, or on-line sales. Although some perceive radio advertising to be too expensive for small businesses, and perhaps even an obsolete medium nowadays, they could not be more wrong! In fact, radio advertising is greatly affordable and has proven to be the ideal medium for delivering your message to your chosen audiences.

In the Spain, for example, about 95 percent of people listen to the radio on a weekly basis. People wake up to the radio in the morning, listen to the radio on the way to and from work and hear it while at the workplace.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of using radio advertising is the effectiveness of ads on listeners. Radio is perceived as the most intimate of advertising mediums, because people are so often alone when listening to the radio, such as when driving to and from work.

This intimacy provides an opportunity to interact more personally with consumers, and to arouse emotions in the listener which, if all goes well, will increase the chance of a sale.



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